Wine Resources

Here are some of the websites, tools, and books that I use on a daily and weekly basis, plus free downloads for wine students:



Download my free PDF checklist, with tips for preparing and success in the WSET Diploma program (I share my book list, trade websites, and study tips).


Wine-searcher pro

If you've asked me to find a particular bottle of wine in a store near you, this is where I go first. It's a great resource for starting wine research on producers & their wines. There's a free version and a paid Pro version.

I'm a paid subscriber to Jancis' site. It's got some of the best wine writing on the web, plus online access to the Oxford Companion to Wine, and World Atlas of Wine. WSET students can access a discounted first year coupon via the WSET Global portal.



The #winelover group is a fantastic resource for connecting with passionate wine fans. You can find people to create a tasting group, search their FB page for links to blog articles, or crowdsource wine recommendations.