This post is supplemental to the Wine Blogger Report presented at #WBC16 - with a little extra information on self-publishing resources, based on my experiences self-publishing my book through Amazon CreateSpace (CS). 

CS will handle the printing and delivery for orders, and from a customer perspective, your creation will appear as a standard Amazon book listing.

When you have your idea for a book ready, take a look at the CS royalties calculator, to get an idea of how many pages your book could be in colour or B&W and be profitable. For my guide, with a full colour interior, it calculated I could have up to 150 pages at 5.5"X8.5" and keep the book under $20. I'll just break even on hard copies but the Kindle version will be profitable. I could do a B&W interior at a much lower price point, but market research was that the book should be in full colour.

Next, I registered my own ISBN, which is the book's barcode. In Canada, this is a free service and there is a fee to register your own in the USA. CS offers you the option of registering through them, but this is not recommended. If you have your own ISBN you retain all rights to publish your book with any printer you like. With my own ISBN, I can have Amazon print and ship books, handle all customer service like returns, and still have the book printed locally for distribution in independent book shops and wineries near me.

While you are finishing your book, you can list it as a pre-sale on Amazon, if you are ok with a little finesse work. This is the best write up of the process I've found. Kindle allows you to set a pre-sale date directly. If you don't want to manage the tech details, I suggest skipping a pre-sale and having the book and Kindle go live directly.

I wrote my first draft in Mac Pages, then transferred it into the CS interior template for my chosen book dimensions. You can download a template here. Make sure to decide whether you want a full-bleed inside (images go to the page edges) or a standard trim, so your formatting will be correct.

For Winetripping, I worked with a designer to create the cover for the book. If you're working with a designer, you'll need to give them the dimensions, and number of pages for your book so that they size the cover file correctly. The guidelines for cover formatting are here.

Once your book is done, you'll export it as a high quality PDF, then upload it to CS. You can order an author copy at cost to check it looks ok before the listing goes live, which is what I'm doing currently.

Regarding sales, I'd recommend you look into adding an eStore into your website, so that you can earn the extra royalties from your marketing efforts. If customers buy the book via your CS store, the royalties are higher than if your book is sold directly on Amazon, which you'll see on the royalty calculator linked above.

Voila. As Amy Schumer says, "it's so easy". Good luck with your book!