Are you considering the WSET diploma course?

I recently finished the Diploma, and noticed candidates really need a site to help study and prepare for what are some very challenging exams. We do so much reading, research and studying, and spend a LOT of money on this course, so where's the mobile-friendly site that helps us learn via self-testing? 

Me reading Dave Broom's excellent book Rum & enjoying the sun

Me reading Dave Broom's excellent book Rum & enjoying the sun

With features like quizzes (lots and lots of quizzes), and flashcards for your phone (so you can study on the go)! A framework to refresh our memory, check to see if we have weak areas that we need to review, or just a fun way to spend half an hour in the evening.

So, I've compiled all my spreadsheets, notes, and flashcards from the different WSET units into quizzes and digital flashcards that you can use to review the material, check where you may have weak areas, and study while you're in line at the grocery store, on the train, or on roadtrips.

While studying for Unit 3, I bought dozens of books that were too long and dense to get through and retain the information I needed (don't worry, the prep course comes with a cheatsheet of the books that are most worth your money). I needed something quick, easy, and online.

My goal with this prep course is to give you a ton of challenging questions that are completely focused on the Diploma curriculum. 

Find more info, and get your free Diploma prep checklist below. Happy studying!