Jancis Robinson


How excited am I to have my two entries into Jancis' wine writing competition published today?

Pretty darn excited!

The first article is a fairly cheeky list of wine writing tips from the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, and the second is a story about how starlings came to the Okanagan/Similkameen courtesy of Shakespeare.

Of the published entries, the winner could potentially become a columnist with JR!

Read the articles here.


One of the best things about the wine industry are the incredible people you meet, many of whom found wine and knew, that was it!

Just like you and I, they needed to make a career out of this passion. But how did they translate this love of wine into a business or profession?

Here are some wine career stories I've come across, that I hope will inspire you in your journey.

How Jancis got her start as a wine writer.

How Whitney became a sommelier

You can find more wine playlists in my YouTube channel - where I've put together over 60 video playlists for each wine region and type of fortified and spirit, to help with your studying.

Do you have a video or podcast to recommend about how a figure in the wine industry got their start? Please share your wisdom in the comments!